Guernsey Flag Charlie and Sally Ogier
Guernsey, Channel Islands
Guernsey Flag

Some of my photos

Ship in the mist Hut at Petit Bot

Fort Albert, Alderney

Emerald Princess cruise July 2016 Sam and Jamie's wedding
Cruise on the Danube 2017
The USA holiday 2005
The Chelsea Flower Show 2007
Isle of Man holiday 2006
The new kitchen 2004
Holiday UK 2010
April 2004 holiday
Malta 2011
For Bar and Phil
Peter and Mary's USA holiday
Portugal 2011
Memorial to Peter and Stella Ogier
Pictures of Cloe in Sark 20/08/2011
Norway holiday March 2013 Videos of new house extension
Boxing Day 2013
Win at Gardenia with video
of the drive there

A memorial and tribute to Richard Ogier (Link fixed)

Mum on Mother's Day 2016
Holiday in Scotland July/August 2014
Xmas 2014 Boxing day party photos
Pictures of L'Ancresse for Jo & David
Ann & Georges wedding (Youtube video) Charlie's sixtieth birthday party photos

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